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Challenging and interesting art work

I don't like to look at standard landscape photography, I like really challenging pieces of art that make me think and make me look at the world differently. It's often new artists who produce this kind of interesting work, so I keep in touch with my local art gallery so I get first look when they start showing a new artist. The guys there know exactly what kinds of art I like, so they can often find me great deals that become perfect conversation starters. This blog is all about how to start finding these kind of great prints for your own art collection.


How to Keep the Cost of Picture Framing Affordable

You may have gone to buy picture-framing materials and may have been surprised when you saw the total bill for the different components. This article discusses some ways that you can use to keep the final cost of framing affordable.

Buy Basic Glazing

Glazing refers to the transparent part of the frame through which you can view the picture in the frame. It is usually made from glass or acrylic such as Plexiglass. Many picture-framing companies offer different forms of glazing. For instance, they offer basic glazing as well as a higher-priced version that has anti-ultra violet radiation properties. Pick the type of glazing that is adequate for your needs. For instance, you may not need to buy special glazing that has anti-UV light protection if you will keep the framed picture indoors. This is because glass or acrylic filters UV light. That filtration ability is the reason why it may be hard for someone to get a suntan if he or she only lets sunlight reach his or her skin after it has passed through a glass window.

Compare Different Matting Materials

The material placed between the picture and the glazing is called matting. Matting prevents that picture from sticking to the glass over time. Matting can also highlight the attractiveness of the picture in the frame by making it brighter. Most matting materials on the market are made from paper or cotton. The matting made from cotton is much more expensive than that made from paper. Pick high quality paper matting in order to keep the framing cost affordable. Consult your supplier for more information on how to select the highest quality paper matting.

Pick Regular Backing Boards

The artwork or pictures are mounted on a backing board. In the past, backing boards were made from cardboard but it was later discovered that the acid content of those boards caused the pictures to deteriorate quickly. Today, backing boards are made from recycled plastic and specialty materials that are acid-free. Buy the basic backing if you are on a tight budget. This is because the acid-content of that basic backing board is so low that only high value pictures (such as pictures salvaged from museums or professional work at a gallery like Christensen Fine Art) need the added protection of acid-free backing since they are already very delicate (due to aging).

Keep the tips above in mind and you will get very good picture frames at an affordable price.